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How do you guys feel about Taylor Swift getting back with Brendan 'The Computer' Rodgers and Kevin 'The Computer' Maynard (Jason Bateman and Anthony Hopkins respectively) and if they are so good willed, why can't they be trusted?

Possibly involving running, swimming and lying down, what are some non violent ways to pass the time?

That's right, It's the year 2050, and the term 'intelligent design' is used as an insult. What are your two worst insults?

We're nearly there, and we're dying to tell you how much better your life is than that of an average person. But we can't because we can't help but be ourselves. So, why don't you?

What is a movie that people still talk about today?

people with whotscism, what are some coping strategies you use?

[serious] Who is the most undiagnosed mental illness you have come across?

What fact is common knowledge to having at the moment, but almost impossible to swallow?

You are suddenly teleported 3 feet to your left, what changed?

What's a kid-friendly website everyone should know about?

What was the best drinking game you ever played?

What are some weird jobs out there?

This is super offensive but I just can't bring myself to tell my family.

If “All Lives Matter” was a nationwide movement, what would you find the biggest problems with it?

Picked the wrong gender for the first time? How did you deal with it and how can we all learn from the mistakes of the first generation?

How do cishet guys with small penises feel

Someone once said “you can always find someone else”. What are some awesome matches you've made recently?

What daydream actually happens?

Imagine you are suddenly the president of the United States, what can you do to improve the state of America?

[serious] what’s the most fucked up thing someone has said to you?

If you could magically get one thing out of anyone in the world, who would it be ?

Some people in here right now. Some of you have been here for a while. What's the mood like?

What's your most loliconious moment?

What’s a good name that is easy to spell but has some meaning?

What was the funniest thing that your parents did to you that you didn’t know was wrong?