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People of Reddit you are placed in the Hunger Games and the actual events are a bit more realistic. What events would you detail, and why?

What song could replace 'Born in the USA'?

Why are you all so

What character did you fall for the same way as the MC5 fell for Steve, and what happened to them?

People outside the USA: What are you most worried about?

Redditors with known iPhone 6s or older with an iPhone 6s Plus, what are your current thoughts on Apple's latest software update?

What subreddits have you no

Gamers of reddit, what is one thing you wish more people knew about gaming culture?

People who use google as their main search engine what do you use google for?

People of Reddit who have an IQ in the top 1% (137 or higher), how did you and your family come to be like this?

What was something your parents said or did that you didn’t realize wasn’t normal until you did it yourself?

Guys, what is a girl supposed to do that you don’t know about?

People of Reddit you are voted the most dictator, why?

What was the cringiest thing that ever happened to you?

We are very sorry but our site is currently down. What was down for you?

What fact about your country is true?

How would you feel about a "Boys will be girls" trial

Girls of reddit who gave boyfriends/"battery girlfriend" names to their boyfriends/girlfriends, did you ever switch to "real boyfriend" names or never give them any nickname at all?

What is the most wholesome thing someone has ever done

If 5 guys could swap places with 7 women what do y’all think would be the sexiest permutations possible?

What are some of the best podcasts that you have listened to?

Well, what do you think of your one-shot deal with fame and fortune?

What if the cop who killed George Floyd is white?

Reddit, what is the creepiest thing you remember from your childhood?

What is the biggest stretch in your life that you are proud of?