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What is something people do and think

What is something your students do that bothers you?


What was the last image you snapped with your smartphone camera?

What’s a useful fact to humans?

What’s something you took as a kid but shouldn't be embarrassed about?

Whats up everyone, what are some unsolved mystery corners of the internet we just don't talk about?

Reddit, what is the most fucked up thing your parent has done?

With the Summer Olympics just around the corner, where would you like to see the Opening Ceremonies?

What animal have you absolutely no problem eating?

How is it okay

What’s an entertaining story about you?

Parents of reddit, what is the best way your child has handled a crush on you?

[Serious] who is the most compelling sex symbol in their life?

Dear pro-atheists in training, what is your perspective on the overwhelming amount of hate that has been directed at you for your faith since it was revealed to be a myth?

Hollande out, Trump in: France will host the 2020 Olympics and Trump is out, what will the French government do to welcome them?

People of Reddit who had a crush on your childhood personality, how did it change your relationships?

Why do some white middle-aged men sit around thinking about murder? Do they get too animated?

What’s one moment that changed the way you view the world?

Please direct your posts about Osama Bin Laden to a different subreddit, he will die a quiet, boring, boring death.

Straight Guys of Reddit, what's your best

Your username is

How would you feel about a Time Machine to help you celebrate New Year’s Eve?

[Serious] Have you ever been discriminated against because of your religious beliefs?

What is your favorite "thing" that an animal screamed in your face?