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Insecure people of Reddit: what are your best "gotcha moments" so far in life?

Men, what’s the best way you've seen a woman approach you

What was your worst date date problem and how did it go?

Lawyers Of Reddit, What Was Your "oh my god he faps" moment?

What do you think about the men of Reddit? Do they give oral on the first date, sucks the tip of the penis into their mouth, sucks it out, etc.?

What is the redditest thing you've done as a teenager that still makes you cringe to this day?

Whats something you're greatful about?

What are you seriously tired of hearing? I just can't laugh anymore.

How do you feel about the men in porn? Do they feel the same as you do?

What’s an insignificant item that makes life a bit better?

If your life was a musical, what would be one of the

How would the great unwashed be farmed in 2020 if the meat industry is as cruel and undemocratic as some people make it out to be?

people who say that the African-American community is rife with rapists, why are you so sure?

What do you think of your country?

What is a superpower your parents gave you?

Why do you think Apple have such a dumb slogan?

you are teleported 2 feet to the right, what changed?

What is the best television series you (and only you) have ever watched?

For the kids in your class: what would you do if your parents gave you away?

Those who support Trump and have donated to his political campaigns, what is the biggest rip-off you have made?

If nipples were tattoos what would be the most ridiculous tattoo you could make?

People who throw things at the top of buildings, why?

[Serious] People who got the "I was in the mess hall at school" note while looking after your girlfriend/irlfriends, what was the mess you found yourself in?

On the day that you met your mate, how old were you?

You have to fight a whole new kind of zombie, one that isn't technically a zombie but is nevertheless terrifying nonetheless. Which animal do you choose?