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What is the most intelligent thing your parent has ever done?

What’s something that people do that really piss you off?

People who used to be straight, what changed your mind?

What’s the best way you’ve ever presented a crying baby to someone?

What would you call a guy with two dicks?

All posts about Japan will be deleted unless otherwise stated.

If you had a chance to pick a different word for Father’s Day, what would it be?

What is a perfectly innocent word that you can't hear without giggling?

Subs of reddit, why do you prefer to call a boy "she" or a girl "he"?

Women of reddit, what’s a penis size that you are most proud of and why?

People with whotscism, how do you deal with it?

Fuck my ex boyfriends name is he still around?

Nintendo Switch are games but what else could it be?

If 9/11 happened two months earlier, what are some things you would've done differently?

[Serious] Administrators of Reddit, how does it feel to be one?

Are there any talented people in gaming? If so, who are/were they?

What can white people do to support the black Lives Matter movement in a peaceful non-violent fashion?

What should be an app to help you sleep better at night?

You're Jesus and Fatima is Fatima. What are the first two fatwas you issue from the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society?

Are you tired of seeing Ivanka Trump's name in products, and merchandise?

What about affirmative action and diversity in the workplace?

Any Downvoting Tips?

If a genie grants you the opportunity to ejaculate $10,000 in cash instead of sperm every time you cum, would you accept? Why, why not?

People who were dead but had a disability, what was it like to be alive?

What is your favourite thing about yourself?