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What are some stories from the Trump administration that are distressing?

Santa Ana, Ca., USA

Why do you keep asking 911 for Jack in the box?

What’s a "Goofy" story from your childhood?

Why do people insult each other on reddit? Is it because they are insecure, or hurt that they are not good enough for someone else's type of thing?

How many of you are watching the whole soggy cat fight in teaser and why?

What are some of the most interesting question on r/AskReddit that people don't ask?

What inanimate object has a sex appeal that you don't think a human would ever have?

What are some ways to be a good father?

To those who are racist to the Blacks, how do you justify it? Do you honestly believe that you are superior to the Blacks?

Cops of reddit, why have you resigned within the first three months?

Guys, what girls going on vacation really look like? Do they look alike, what are their personalities, etc?

If your life was a musical with no lyrics, what would the title be?

You are paid $150,000 a year to sit in a chair all day and predict the outcome of the MLB/NBA Finals. What game do you make your final prediction?

Your username is the way you'll die

Gym goers of reddit, have you ever been a gym rat and what was the experience like?

People of reddit who had eating disorders, how do you feel now?

Redditors who are married to someone with an identical twin: what is your story?

What are some of the worst offenders you've seen from a family?

What's a selling point so many creams and lotions have?

How much fun would it be to have a rolling stone in front of you that says “1 up, 1 down”?

People of Reddit, how would your friends rate your social skills?

What movie plot would be the absolute worst to read from beginning to end?

Ace Attorney - what are some subtle clues that the defender is missing?

What is something you used to do as a kid but don't anymore?