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Which song could be remade into a porno?

if someone was to say that you have the most important thing in the world(your dick) what would you say?


When did being vegan become a diet and why now?

Men, what are some signs of getting assigned at a young age?

What's a good starting place for a bad conversation?

Has the internet hurt your feelings?

Do you think a computer game called "Call of Duty" would have a chance in

what was a new concept that someone invented that we're all a bit dumb on?

Who is the most likely person to snap and attack an innocent bystander with their bare hands on video?

What’s one thing you wish you had in high school that kids today do not know?

What was the most stressful conversation you've ever had with a teacher?

People who call yourselves The Resistance. What is it?

Your username is your only weapon to an apocalypse... what are you hoping to survive?

You have now woken up to find your room is a pitch black and you can't hear anything outside. What do you do?

difference in life experienced from "the other guy" and "the other guy"?

People with small-minded opinions, why don’t you read the TOS?

[Serious] Redditors with 6 figure incomes, do you feel like they should join social

You're having sex with the opposite gender version of the last celebrity

What phrase, quote,

If your girlfriend was in your mothers house all the time, what would you do?

What is the most effective way to deal with Jeff Bezos?

People who have taken house parties seriously and stayed overnight, how is it like?

Plebs of reddit, what’s the best way you've hurt someone?

Giants of Reddit, who is your favorite Eli Manning or Drew Brees?