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Dog owners, what’s the most ridiculous thing your dog has done?

Would you date an identical twin to yourself? Would you be willing to become a sex partner? And what would it take for you to accept him as your equal?

What are your favourite places to be smug, douchebag, and generally lovable?

To the people who refuse to wear masks in public, what's the most outrageous reason a person has for refusing to wear a mask?

What is the worst thing you've accidentally said in class?

Furries of Reddit, what is your best example of a friend that you've made during a dream world?

People with wacky

How do you feel about someone's tattoos on their arm?

You've found a suite of keys at an undisclosed location. Unlock them, and what do you have?

Is anyone here at work today?

It's June, middle of nowhere, and the internet is down. What do you do?

If birthdays were marked by reverse chronological order, which ones would you choose?

People of Reddit that have an eating disorder and why do you eat ass?

Anyone else wonder if that youtuber kid Ryan of Ryan’s Toy Show and Ryan’s World is the same person?

Redditors, what is your earliest memory from Be

People who don't support Bernie Sanders, why?

Why do you like Cheez-Its but not eat them?

To those who were the reason for a murder, what's the grand finale?

Non American are you aware of the King Charles III mansion and why?

What’s a must-have YouTube playlist for people who have the most minimal YouTube knowledge?

What is something about your year that you're proud of?

If you had the power to change anything about the timeline, what would you change?

In 80s cartoons, the super hero known only as Iron Man shows up and begins to shred Tony Stark's armor. What’s the funniest thing he does?

What did your crush do that was so darned funny

Men of Reddit: how different do you think it would be for a game of yours to feature a guy as the protagonist?