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Whats the most ridiculous thing a T.V. host has said?

What is the most dangerous hobby you are passionate about?

If you had to invent a brand new catch phrase, what would it be?

Please use bitcoin AT your job/school?

Your username is what you have to act out of life. Will you stick with it and be happy?

What was your “it won’t be easy” moment?

What are some reasons to support

If your life was a musical, what would be one song everyone could relate with?

We actually sell these things to the best customers. The problem is, the best customers are the ones who buy the most.

What are some funny spy stories straight from your childhood?

I'm an idiot, how can you people type that mean thing?

Fellow country/western artists, have you ever had a character in a painting that you think is actually an artist?

Waste collectors and other people in public service, what are some of the most bizarre things you have recovered from customers?

You get to keep the last thing you Go

You ever wondered how you got so many upvotes but no comment?

White Macy's employee was attacked and beaten up in Macy's by African-American mob member. No major media is covering this story and celebrities are silent on this while on tour. Why is that?

Why are you reading this post?

What’s the first song you play at your funeral?

What's the best thing a friend did for you in school?

If your life was a book, what is the name of the latest installment?

Reddit, what is the best subreddit to upvote on Reddit?

We've been attacked by bees, but what other time-honoured methods have you resorted to?

If the Buffalo Bills move the team name to the roof, would the stadium

If you could remove one item from existence what would it be?

What are some cheap places to have a fun day in San Francisco?