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Non-Americans, which cartoons show an American in America and why?

Does anyone have any interesting stories to share about pets?

Dear women of reddit, how has it affected you?

Why would someone date an ex?

If you could insert one item from the worlds largest collection, what would it be?

From Latin ergo sum ("then"), from ergo ("then, therefore"), from ad- ("before").

When the students at your school protest, what other options do you have than violence?

People who work in Human Resources, what is the weirdest thing they have done?

How do you feel about Trump saying that 'all lives matter' or something

Furries of reddit, do you have any reason to live ( other than pure happiness)?

What is your opinion on GamerGate and why do you think it is such a fight between the young and the old?

If there was a planet with a normal

"Boys will be boys," and "girls will be girls," but what about girls that don't play sports?

People with penises, have you ever had a close friend or anyone you know do it, and how was their experience?

What's your story of seeing your mom on a porn site?

What other jobs exist because people are fat?

How do you feel about Heartiste's post?

Greetings Citizens and Civilians, you reached month 5 of 2019. How would you like to be congratulated on your feat?

When will the first commercially available crop-dusting app be released and how will it compete with established online marketplaces like Google Play and Apple App Store?

What are some good first dates, engaging ones, and what are some bad first dates?

How do you get mad?

Why did you click on this video?

What is something you have done as a child that still makes you cringe?

What do you think about every single one of your FUEL-FREE questions?

It's October 4, 2021. Having won the election in a landslide, Joe Biden is inaugurated as the 46th POTUS. Donald Trump has decried the election results as a "Democrat hoax", declared the election invalid, and refused to vacate the White House. What happens next?