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Redditors who were dating their online friends, what were they like before they realized you were actually a snitch?

What other minor nuisance can top taking the garbage out?

People of Reddit who have deleted from internet / texting only, what are you doing back there?

Your username is the most overused word in the English language. How many times you'll be able to say this before it becomes a meme?

When you die, you are taken to the Heaven/Blessed Lands, and are given the option to change your fate at any time. What would you choose?

What's something you're proud of from your childhood?

If the world was absolutely ending, how would you use your last moments of life to further humanity?

What movie was a solid film but became dull once you started watching it again?

As a non-American, what has been the most blatant example of profiling that you have experienced?

What's the best 'gotcha moment' you've ever experienced?

Any thoughts on the transgender bathroom bill that is currently being considered in the US Congress?

What's worse, someone who beats their wife or someone who beats themselves?

If you had to pick a country to live in based on the slogan "Keep America Great," which would you pick?

What is a good first boyfriend?

people who wear masks out there, why?

What was the best way you ever experienced bullying?

Weebs of reddit, what’s the funniest thing a Redditor has said online?

Women of Reddit, what is the most eye-opening thing you’

People of Reddit who have a problem with other people's opinions, why?

To the hundreds of thousands of people flooding Boston right now, do you feel like you are in a FEMA camp? And if not, why are you flooding the place?

Billionaires of Reddit, what are some of your best investments?

What are some signs that a girlfriend is getting jealous?

What superhero/myst like creature would you like to have a go at in real life?

Forget about paleo, what are some good new companies popping up all the time?

Finally, people who got away with it as a child, why?