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What are some of the most difficult moral dilemmas?

Aurors of Reddit, have you ever been in an "are you fucking crazy" situation? What if it was real?

Do you ever look at yourself one day and think you're hot as shit, but the next day comes and you've become Thor. How would you react to that day?

What’s a funny story from the “90s”?

Redditors with female friends, what are some game-changing tips that you guys have picked up on the sidelines that actually help a ton?

As a kid, what movie made you realize that the hero wasn't human?

If your life was a movie, what would be one of the major plot points?

People who actually had a falling out with their parents, how did it affect your relationship?

How would you feel about a character driven RPG game to shed light on police brutality and

You will be fetishised. Your favourite show will be turned into a porno, what will it be?

What do you think is the most overrated movie of all time?

People of reddit that have committed incest. What was the experience like?

Redditors who are in relationships with both sexes, which one is better and why?

Racist of Reddit, what's the most racist thing an American has ever said or done to you?

What are some valid criticism of the games you are currently playing (and why do you not play as jason vatson)?

If your life was a play and you couldn't make it as interesting as possible, what would be a plot twist that you couldn't tell us but would still enjoy?

What was the “weird kid” moment for you?

Men of reddit who got a girlfriend, what was the unexpected fallout?

If your life was a book, what is the name of the current installment?

How did you and your friends become reddit friends?

What is one thing that you would do as a victim of racism?

What movie/tv-show has a good final scene?

Do you think we should get rid of the word 'women' and make it 'people with different names' to prevent political correctness?

What's the most underrated funny/silly question your friends ask?

Why do you think that the people who call Mike Bloomberg "Mayor of Fuck" are the same people who call all GOP governors and legislatures assholes?