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To people who own and/or are proud of the Confederate flag, how is it to be viewed from the other side?

What are signs of attraction disorder?

Gamers of reddit - what is your most proud COVID moment?

If someone offered you 50 grand to do a reality show for you, would you do it and why?

Yo, what the hell is that?

What’s the most badass thing a stranger has ever done for you?

What are the most underappreciated movies?

What’s the most ridiculous thing a DNA test has ever done?

What is the best movie you've ever seen and why?

Guys, I really need some Love from you, from both Men and Women. I feel I need both from you.

You are sent back to the day the titanic set sail with nothing but a 3rd class ticket (and food water ect) your task is to stop the titanic from sinking. How would you do

People of Reddit with a photographic memory, how is it like on the inside? is it crazy how your brain works differently than the outside world does?

What does a “sad” story have in common with "My Parents"?

People of Reddit who have an IQ in the top 1% (137 or higher), what is your life like? What job do you have? What is the most ridiculous thing someone has ever said to you?

What is your sexual fantasy that you've had but haven't had any luck with?

The money is better spent on a faster spaceship that can fly where you go (and why else would you donate more than you take in)?

Redditors of reddit, have you experienced any form of racism towards a fellow person? If so, what was going

2016 will be the year that the term "Indy 500" is officially over and we can all move on. This will also be the year that the USA secedes from the union, because they don't like how we're dividing up the oil?

How can we convince someone that a boyfriend isn

What is your favorite “whats new” that reddit has to offer?

Guns don't kill people, people kill people. So, what’s the difference between what people do and what actually happens?

What do you find attractive that most other people would consider an attractive figure?

Guys, who has the best masturbation story - how did it start?

What is the BEST way to deal with your toxic family member?

If you were an alien from another planet, how would you feel about a dating site that matched people by their most embarrassing encounter?