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You’re 5 years old, wake up from a failed dream, go to the bathroom, get his or her dad's watch, and he puts his hand on his pants. "Mr. and Mrs. Swimsuits", enter, see that there is

I was in a super awkward spot my first semester at college. I felt unsafe, alone, and needed someone. Someone to talk to, someone to know. Someone to support me through it all. I needed someone to come to terms with the fact that I am human after all.

What's your creepiest pet peeve?

How do you feel about fat people having to pee in jars instead of floss?

Elyse Louvin, do you realize how many people think you're insane?

Ladies, it is that time of the month. (OK, first of all, how about you guys give this guy a shot)

People who ask 'so and so' questions on AskReddit, why do you do that?

Do you think the rape/murder of a child is more serious than the murder of an adult? If so, what crime would you commit?

What are your favourite non-sexual things to do in the outdoors?

What's something small

What do you think is the most creative way to die?

Do you think two people with the same skin color, hair style, etc. would magically become friends?

What are you smoking during pregnancy?

What did a dream have that you played out in your mind and were afraid to tell your parents?

What’s something you’d never learn to do as an adult?

Gen Z of reddit, what is your take on today's youth culture?

Have you ever had a dream so good that you ended up feeling bad about it the next

What kind of farts are in your (hopefully) not fart funny fart)?

People who were dating/in love with their photographer(s).. what was going through your minds at the time?

If Nazis found out we made fun of them, how would you feel about them making fun of Trump?

Daughters of Reddit, what is the most awesome thing your father has ever done for you?

Women of reddit, what is the weirdest thing

Scientists, what is the best way to divide up the complexity of an equation ?

Since Google doesn't work properly with javascript, how do you access google with javascript?

"Dominant women" of Reddit, what is your story?