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What are some underrated tv shows that got cancelled in favor of more like this: 2000 (Sexy Peaks) or Cold Case (Assassination Class)

What should people who are depressed be doing for schizophrenia?

Your PS4 is now a game console, what features do you have?

Of all the oddball topics, what’s the most interesting one you’ve ever heard from a straight male?

Why do you keep bringing up "rape culture"?

People who dont use reddit, why?

Can't you just see right through everyone else's bullshit?

People of Reddit with grey hair, why are you so angry?

What was a penis like inside of you and how did it feel like?

Those who have a higher paying job than the brits, what is your job and how do you enjoy your work?

Without saying what the category is, what are your top 10?

Are you racist? Why?

Have you ever stopped feeling attracted to someone after all this time? If so, what has your relationship looked like before?

Who is the most famous person you know?

Actors and Actresses, what was filming a sex scene like, physically and emotionally?

Haven't found the motivation to go back to sleep during sex for a week. Why not?

How did you first meet your crush?

Funny related stories...

If everyone who actually reads software terms and conditions can agree that this is the most dangerous software they have ever encountered, what would the next level of software be?

Your Pokedex is now a reality, what are some of the wildest things to come out of your experiment?

What is one thing that terrifies you about your friends?

What are some of the biggest flaws with Trump's first term?

What is the hottest porn you've ever had ?

People with families, what’s something you want to share but can’t bring up with your partner?

What would you have sex with to lose yourself in it?