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What is the best substitute for a father?

When did you have sex, and how did it go?

[Serious] People of Reddit that identify as the color pink, why?

Who is your favorite Ben 10 film and why?

What small thing makes you really, really happy?

What's your favourite memory from

Strict J's get a new term: Misunderstood. What is the name of the new term?

We create a sentient artificial intelligence and a human is created. How does it act like?

The recent announcement that Star Wars: The Force Awakens will have a sequel has caused quite the stir online. What is the most controversial decision you have ever seen an adult making with your own eyes?

If people were still having sex we could live happily ever after. (Y/N)?

How would you feel about a character-driven RPG game about, say, a new car salesman?

What is something you would do to change the world for the better?

You are allowed to put one F-bomb in the whole Star Wars series. Where do you put it?

If you were to write a screenplay about one fictional event what would the title be?

What if we found aliens living on another world where we can’t be bothered with polite conversation and just annihilate them one at a time?

People who were in deathrow, what was it like?

What was the "monster up your ass" moment of your childhood?

You are in a room with XKCD, what is your response?

What is the best free online college degree you have?

How do

To the people that have power over you, how do you use it?

What was the most irresponsible thing you or someone you know did as a child?

What videos ruined your childhood?

Girls of reddit what is the most obvious way you masturbate?

Girls of Reddit: what are you socializing with the boys (if any) and what are the average feelings towards the opposite sex?