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What are your chances at winning a million dollars on the slot machine?

What do you wish you could say as a child but can never?

If movies

What is something you can say during sex but can also say in a restaurant?

Parents of Reddit, what is the best "whats up, dad" moment of all time?

Your username is your sexual position. How erect do you imagine yourself to be?

What are some seriously underrated good bands to listen to when you are bored?

If you could choose any animal to have sex with what would it choose?

What movie would've ended the same way if the main character just played along?

People who lock their doors and keep them locked, why?

Americans, what's the most abuse you've suffered from a parent or anyone in authority

Kids these days tend to be a bit over the top. What’s the most ridiculous thing you’ve done?

If you could tell Minecraft creator, if he released a mod that made it so everyone could download everything he made, instantly whenever they wanted without limits, would you do it?

Redditors with big dreams about the future: what is your

Blind People of Reddit who have been in Groups (Divorce, etc.), what was the rough patch in your life that got you in trouble?

The Bowling Green Massacre was recorded and broadcast live on the world wide web, what do u think about it now?

Redditors with more than one job, what is your job?

Maggie's pet ratty and damp flat tyre is the perfect place to make a loud noise so Fiona and her boyfriend can hear us, they'll think it's us and we can burst into their flat. What other pointless add-ons will there be in the future?

Is there any single image that ever sticks in your head that ever gives you chills?

Redditors of Reddit, What is your view on all of the JK Rowling fan theories?

Hi internet, how to you make attractive women walk faster?

You work at a 7/11 and one day your roommate shows up with a 7/11 full of broken bottles and 5 knives. what do you do?

What was your “first kiss” moment?

What would you think of a 10 year old version of yourself that gets to hang out with Maddy and Timmy?

[Serious] Gay Redditors, what is something about your life that most people would consider a miracle if it were possible?