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Porn Actors, how does it feel being a porn star?

If you were able to pick 3 ADDict-friendly foods that you

Is Christianity the only religion you follow?

Parents, what has your child done that was so scary that you were scared of the same outcome?

Have you ever had a dream and then it happened and you were like, "Oh, that's going to be another dream?"

People of Reddit who have gone to prison, what was the experience like?

What is something you want to get off your chest but can tell to a stranger?

My brother and my mom are in a serious relationship and i need advice on how to approach a 24-hour police barricade.

What can a fictional character do to make your life a living hell a bit better?

you work at a game developing company wich is working on a game which the whole world will be playing in 2019. one of your coworkers has feelings towards you which you can tell from the way they act around you. what would they think?

You're a burglar, but instead of stealing things, you leave something utterly terrifying. What leave you leaving something completely unscathed?

Of the dumbest things my parents have said, what was the worst?

What would you do if all your goals were to have a sex tape of one celebrity?

What one thing makes you

How did you first got into anime?

What’s something that you can do in 30 seconds?

People who have hit their head or had a falling bodypart there's been a fatality has been reported. What’s going to be the cause and how could this be prevented?

(Only Wrong Answers) When I caught a falling DVD case before it hit the ground, a customer said "When I put this DVD case through the sawdust will clog the sawdust and my other DVD will have to do" does that make me an idiot?

Why do people bitch about the word "man".

This question is found by a human brain, so hopefully it's not too complex.

How safe is reddit?

You are able to change any rule, what would it be?

People of Reddit with lighter skin pigments, how do you manage to blend in with the brush? Do you struggle with it?

Has the Spanish spoken word spoken more than any other in history? If so, how?

People who treat their brooms like garbage, how the fuck do you manage two?