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Ya know when there’s this cute guy at work but he’s a pansy who only does one thing - spread peanut butter on everything he sees

Redditors who voted Trump in 2016, why did you do it?

[Serious] Killers of Reddit, how can we as a society, as a whole, come together and not kill ourselves?

[SERIOUS] Would you date an opposite sex version of your self? Why and why not?

If you were a 10-episode fling for the villain, who would be his typical villain?

What would happen if someone inside of your body shat on your birthday party?

Is atheism a religion? If so which other religions are 'false' and which are 'ifs' ?

People of Reddit, what's the most overrated movie of all time ?

It has been 2044 and the earth is no longer human. But instead of humans, robots have replaced most machines. What’s a good (non-sexual) name for a robot after the human race?

Why does bleach smell bad?

What's the best subreddit to unsub?

Whats one thing girls can’t do to men but can do to themselves?

What's the best way to introduce someone to jazz?

What was the most abuse you've ever endured as a child?

People who have witnessed their mom being "tried and failed" as a sex worker, what has been your downfall?

What is wrong with some of your r/AskReddit comments?

What about Haiti or other countries is uninteresting but you feel is important?

What is your favourite "battle ground"?

people who masturbate everyday why do you do it? do you do it to make themselves come more quickly or why do you do it ?

Doctors, whats the most dangerous thing someone has accidentally pulled out of your body?

What was the best MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) of all time?

1. Where did you get your name?

Verdict: No.

People who have seen

Doctors of Reddit, what was the