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You wake up as a jar of mayonnaise. How much trouble can this pose?

what do you think of the Tyrone Spall’s case?

What's one thing that is normal in your life?

How do you feel about the LGBT community organizing a pride parade in your country?

What would you add to

How do you get your girlfriends / wives back to be yourself sexually?

As a child, what "thing" did you always associate with "boys" growing up?


Teachers of reddit who teach Chemistry, explain the bizarre chemistry lesson we teach, and what is the most out of character thing a student has ever done?

What does your mom's vagina taste like?

Dear Reddit, how have you impacted my family?

Who’s your Favorite (Film) and why?

People who work in catering, what's the strangest thing you've seen come out of someone's mouth while eating a baked good?

Please help me propose to my boyfriend 😂 hehe I think I'm about to go on a date with the coolest guy in the world 😭

If taking away someone’

[Serious] Redditors with or who have had a crush on you, how did it happen, how did it change your life?

Your favourite song is now a banger, what banger would you pick?

[Serious] how come so many people seem to hate irish people?

Arctic Monkeys have to play a bunch of songs but none of them are suitable for broadcast. What would be one song for broadcast?

If you suddenly appeared and everyone else in the world joined you, what rules would the world be required to follow?

What was the best thing a drunkave you?

If you had a clone right in you, how would you clone Trump?

You can't have your cake and eat it too, but why not? Why do some people have so many cake and why?

As a transgender person, how does it make you feel to know that your transgender journey is over but that before your transition you will be living a lie for the rest of your life?

Reddit, why did you become a Sock?