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How do you tell a guy that he is better than that?

Dear white people of Reddit who are so afraid of the police that you don't even wear a face mask when you

How do you feel about the fact that you are

The model is the sexiest, why do most women (male and female) think the same thing?

What was the most intense moment where you realized that you were a kid again?

Who are the worst examples of someone you've ever met?

People who have more than one TV with different channels playing simultaneously, which one do you watch the most?

Who is this famous (past) whose life is filled with ups and downs?

If movies had a comment section similar to YouTube comments, what would the top comment be for a movie like this?

When did you first discover your love of life and how did it change your relationship with it?

Teachers of Reddit who teach Advanced Placement English classes, what are some of the most interesting problems students have with lesson plans that start with 'Pep' and end with 'Pepeda'?

Where to find Stephen Colbert?

What job would be the most dangerous if done incorrectly?

What’s a little known but musty library read that really stood out to you?

[Serious] what do you consider the most underrated movie of all time?

What's one weakness in someone, that could be a deal breaker during a relationship?

Who was your school’s “antifascist”?

Lawyers of reddit, what was a client who wasn't cool with your thinking that ended up ruining your career?

Which characters have the best life?

What if EVERYBOSS LEAGUE LEAGUES DID THE SAME THING, and everyone was happy?

How do you feel about vegan cheese?

You are now the manager of Heaven, it is claimed that you have access to all the knowledge and information on the universe. How do you go about your day?

How can we all get along?

Fugitives of Reddit, how long have you and your accomplices been in your lives?

When you look in the mirror, what do you see?