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You're 11 years old again, it is 2020, and Principal Skinner is manipulating the class, what do you do differently?

Dear reddit. To the people who claim not to be racist. Why?

Can we please stop with the memes?

[Serious] Conservatives who will never vote for Trump again, what made you change your mind?

People of Reddit, do you have any job that isn't in your field? If so what is it?

Doctors of Reddit: What was the best excuse you’ve heard when someone mentioned super powers?

What would be the dumbest question

Have you ever been attracted to a fictional character, if so who is it?

Someone once said “you can always count on” What are your counterevidence stanzas?

What are tips to start building a good relationship with yourself?

Republicans who will not be voting for Trump in November, what was the deciding moment that made you change your mind?

How would you feel about a law that requires parents who opt in enrolling their kids in pre-k to also opt out when they're in public school?

People who are r/askreddit today because you can: 1. You can 2. You have the power to change anything about the reddit experience, from the way you type to how you present your post. What do you do with this power?

People of Reddit who voted for Trump in 2016, why?

What’s something straight people do that makes you cringe?

Astronomers of Reddit, what are the most amazing things that have been spotted in the night sky?

What song would be perfect if only one letter were changed?

Redditors over 50, what do you wish more people knew about you?

What's something a lot of people love about Trump and his administration?

Females of Reddit, when did you realize you were a "girl," and how did you start?

What song make you shiver every time you listen to it?

People who post "retard-like" comments, have you ever actually done this? If so, was it worth it?

Everyone has a dark side. Some people have many, some people have none. How much of your life do you have?

Redditors who don't support Bernie, why?

How did a dream affect your waking life?