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If you were reincarnated into the past but your present self had all the knowledge and experience of the past, what would you do with all this knowledge and experience?

Dear Reddit, My girlfriend is having an affair and its getting to late

How does Reddit feel about you raping someone (rape joke)?

Poke fans, what’s the most inappropriate thing a child has done with your favorite character?

Why should you download the Netflix app?

Why do we whine about fake news? It's not like we actually believe anything that's being said.

How do you think Bill and Steve Jobs would have viewed the Apple II and the iPhone today?


What's the coolest app you guys have on your phones?

With all of the negative press regarding the NBA 2k18, it is perhaps unsurprising that the NHL 2k18 would garner the most negative reaction. However, what is shocking is that the NBA 2k18 is also getting the most negative press. What is happening with the

ex conservatives of reddit, what made you change your political viewpoint?

The debate season has begun. Who will win, Donald Trump or Hilary?

Actors of Reddit: what was your best encounter

What's the most effective way to deal with bullies?

Atheists, have you personally been an atheist/just been an agnostic/have never been a Christian? What made you come back?

List of Top 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions About 'The Office'

Non-Americans, why do you think so many people speak in US terms and not in terms of your country's or its culture?

How can one go about obtaining karma?

What is something only kids can imagine?

Why can Reddit make their logo black but when you see a family member wearing the exact same face paint as you they are racist?

What inanimate object has the best chance at a sequel?

What's your inspiration song?

College graduates, did you ever thought you'd be a career "just a little boy"? A "sorority girl"? A "house boy"? Would you do it, why/why not?

Redditors who believe that all lives matter, what does it say about your political beliefs?

If your girlfriend was in your basement, what would her voice tell you when you played "Daddy issues, baby"?