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There is a well known saying that goes "Always raise a eyebrow at something that could be construed as political activism". What is an example of this saying that is actually true?

Rap fans of Reddit, what is your favorite diss track and why?

Why do you think most movie goers think it's a lot of fun but actually ruins the experience?

What's a job that does well, but does poorly?

Your username is the cause of death, how is the death?

[Serious] Cosplayers, what was your first impression of Cosplayer A when you met them?

[Serious] Oklahomans who oppose the legalization of marijuana, why?

What do you think of choice: life or death?

[SERIOUS]What is the best way to deal with overly observant parents?

How would you feel about a presidential debate between Crooked Hilary and Joe Biden?

People who were attracted to children as teenagers, how do you look now?

Nurses of Reddit, have anyone ever had a patient with unusual symptoms, and how did they react to your quick assessment?

Is It Disgusting to Post the Nth one-Up? Why or why not?

You are offered the chance to inherit the perfect body. No chronic pain, no asthma, just perfect health. Do you take it? Why or why not?

People with massive build stumps, how does it feel practicing sex?

Why haven't you married someone?

If everyone in the world could live according to the 4:3 body

If you could ask anyone with a different identity to be their partner, what would you choose?

Why do so many people comment on AskReddit posts without actually upvoting the post? Is it just me, or is there some ulterior motive?

Don't lie down on the couch. If you do, you will go into cardiac arrest. Why?

People who started a Facebook group just to discuss this AMA: why?

Why are you r/Atheism?

Why do you feel bad about pedophilia?

What is something that you have saved for a rainy day but you can't bring yourself to bring it out ?

What’s the funniest story about being mistaken for a clown by a school of yours?