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What's one thing you can say both to your grandma and while having sex?

Where to find XKCD comics online?

Republicans who will not be voting for Trump in November, what made you won't be voting for him in 2020?

Dear women of Reddit, how have you presented your presents to your present husbands?

Men, what’s something important to tell women about “making love”?

Can you please stop with the "people of reddit" shitposting and instead of replying with a link to a post, you just upvote it and pretend you weren't even on the post?

People with birthmarks, how did you get them and what do you do now?

Why do most redditors hate atheists and not theists so much? If there is a neutral party in this country that doesn't believe in god, would they be allowed into your house and why?

How do you clean up after a shit show?

Guys, how do you deal with "the other guy" syndrome?

What songs do you think are really clever in their lyrics or music?

What is a good name for a first class thing?

Do you think that the men that are being falsely accused of rape are making up stories to make a case? If so, why?

What is something people think they know, that actually isn't true?

What would be the reddit go-to drama of all time?

What do you think about the way cops are handling of protests? Do you think the criminal element is to blame for the unrest and violence we see in the United States today?

What has been one of the greatest ups all along, but won't happen again?

"All Lives Matter" slogan?

The wizarding world as we know it is about to get a whole lot worse.

What is your favourite Sci-Fi trope?

What is one thing you can say during sex?

What are your thoughts on Fat Tuesday?

What was your “crazy ex girlfriend” life like?

people that defend Donald Trump, do you do it as a matter of principle or as a group? if so why?

If the cop who killed George Floyd was white, would we be calling him George Floyd’s double? If not, why?