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It’s 2019 and the zombies are back! What’s your plan?

"Girls, the only thing girls do is get excited about a guy who is attractive," what are some interesting guys you have met?

What does a bad response to "hi" mean to you?

What Game Do You Want To See A Teamwork Game Based Around?

If your life was a series of movies, what would each movie be?

Doctors of reddit, have you ever had an opportunity to save someone's life and what was it like?

What Twitter insults have you deleted?

What would be the funniest scenarios where two or more people get in a fight and the crowd goes crazy?

Hey Reddit, how many of you actually have a job?

What type(s) of voice-over do you wish you had in real life?

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever done for money?

What would be the point of having a kids “sad” licence to kill if you could kill anyone you wanted?

Your ISP is now watching your internet usage, can you choose which porn site they have access to?

What would the best first date advice be?

What books should every country have a law passed to prevent minorities from dominating?

What would you do if you magically had access to Joe Blowbeck's phone book and could access his entire conversation history?

How does it feel like to have a karma or a post karma?

You are the boss of your own country and you are about to have sex with the last guy you saw. Who is it?

You are 10 years old again, it is 2020 and George Floyd is in jail. What kinky things would you do

What's an absolutely annoying sound that one often hears from people?

A pair of black lace-up shoes (black laces) that when you slip 'em on gives you the 'supposed to feel powerful' effect.

People of reddit, have you ever been remotely close with anyone in a real life relationship? If so, what was the story?

Former Trump haters who will now be voting for him in November: how do you view him as an individual now?

Anyone else wonder if that youtuber kid Ryan of Ryan’s Toy Show and Ryan’s World is autistic?

People who leave racist posts on AskReddit, why?