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What do you think of the fact that Reddit now has over 7 million upvotes a day?

Who are the most likely to snap and attack in a gang bang?

How can a country as advanced as the US allow a large group of their youth to have access to the same facilities as adults?

If serial killers were mentally ill, why do they find it easy to commit their crimes?

People who work in the food industry, what was the weirdest thing you saw ordered by a child?

What’s your lowest point in life?

If 2 people in your country got the power to change the world, what powers would you give up?

How did you and your childhood friend meet?

How did you get a redditor's reddit username?

How would you feel about people's right clicking on Facebook posts to share them with their friends?

What would you change about history to make it better?

What's the best way to blend

People with so called turn-ons, how does it feel like?


I recently had a close friend of mine killed. He was a nice guy who was struggling with mental illness and was scared of the police. All I can say is...

Guys, what are the most seductive things a girl does for your liking?

What was the 'death knell' moment for you as a person?

If kittens had physics problems would you put them in jars and why?

Hiring managers of Reddit, have you ever had a case of the blue whale? If so, how did it happen?

How does one go about finding motivation to go to sleep early?

What gives you the greatest pleasure in masturbating?

What would be the dumbest thing

People who knew the addicts in yo ur family, what was it like?

What’s a weapon you have in your house, and how did you use it?

Amerikans, you guys got us’d back to 100% we came Before the Civil Rights Movement. What would your peaceful intentions be right now?