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How have you made friends since being unemployed for a few months?

You're having sex and the person you're having sex with can hear what you're doing. What noise do you make to muffin and what noise do they make?

Americans of Reddit, what's your opinion on Trump saying that you were 'forgiven' by nature?

What is the best way to deal with a shitty friend?

Girls of Reddit, what would you like boys to stop doing?

If you were to pick a brand-new, never-before-used trademark to describe any product, what would it be?

If someone were to give you a blowjob in public, would you do it, why, and how often, and in what situation?

People of Reddit, are you really that into anime? If not, why not?

What’s something that you can’t control but are glad it is?

If they made a show about how people were moved by nature, and then people became beasts, would be beasts?

What’s the best gift you can give someone (as in person, not an exchange)?

What's something you don't understand the entertainment of?

If you had to invent a new domain name, what would it be?

People of Reddit with two dads, what's your opinion on the current state of the family?

Haven't heard anything from Drake?

People who have built robots, what’s your opinion about them?

How do you stop

They say everyone you meet is watching you, and that you have to be the one to say something interesting to them. So, instead of just saying "Hi", say something like "Hi, how are you holding up?" What would your question be?

What are some NSFW news flash for the reddit...

If someone offered you 100k cash to watch one movie for 24 hours straight in any casino in the world, would you do it? What would it be?

What movie is perfect when compared to a novel but can also be improved upon?

What do you think about Karens?

What is the best thing a friend did for you?

Dear old drunks who have passed out on a friend's couch, what's your story?

If your life was a book, what is the name of the series?