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People who support marriage equality, do you find it immoral? Do you think it's immoral?

Do you think a one-world government would work? If so, how would it be run?

People who actually used a pen from start until it lost ink without losing them

Good morning! How are you today?

What's a small-talk question you can always use in a serious situation?

what’s one time you were dumb ?

What are some funny speels like, like, a ten year old could make up a funny name for you?

Girls, what are your

What do you think of Pink Floyd's

What are the things that give rise to 'but why' question?

What are some inspiring things to do or say right now?

What was a situation that you were in that someone found out?

Why do we whine about small stuff

Which Movie was an absolute train wreck?

What’s the worst thing you can say while having sexual relations?

Everyone in the United States’s water supply gets spiked with LSD and ecstasy and

What are some good signs someone is gay?

Why are you an inherently bad person if you were created equal?

What the horrible, single line of dialogue you can insert just to make everyone's life a misery?

If drinking (especially small amounts) is bad for your health, what's the opposite - why do people do it?

What are some good reasons to live?

White people of Reddit, have you ever faced with racism from people of other races? If so, what did you do?

What are some great shows you've watched with your parents?

[Serious] men of Reddit, what is something that your gender equality has affected and caused you to be depressed?

How would things be different if the Soviet Union had a nanny state?