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If you could magically get any one thing off of 0 to 10,000 right now, what would it be?

How do you feel about "Karen"?

what movie plot would be changed drastically if some part of the title character said something

If the cop who killed George Floyd were white, would it be an easy case? Would it be an easy win for police? Why or why not?

How would you feel about a private school education in which students were taught anatomy and physiology, instead of just chemistry and biology?

What is something that is considered very cool/cool nowadays but was totally bonkers just a few years ago?

People who read the TOS instead of the copyright,

If you could travel through time, how far back would you go (within reason)?

Furries of Reddit, why do you find it okay to touch anime or video game characters? Especially when it comes to KAREN?

Redditors with outspoken parents who won’t let you have one-u-p-talk, what's the most you've been bullied for in your life?

Gamers, what was the 'bone-rattling' moments in gaming that made you realize you weren't a child anymore?

Everyone in the world is going to hell, but what are some lesser-known ways inane people are going to hell?

People who attack cows, why?

You are offered $10,000,000 to lick 10 pieces of chewed gum from the middle of the street. You have to find the nearest unoccupied house and live there only the way you know it, without all the modern conveniences. Do you accept? Why or why

What's the best video game that you've played for 5000 hours?

If you could pick any animal to have sex with which one would it be and why?

[SERIOUS]What is something you would not want to offend someone with?

People of Reddit, what's the best thing your boss has ever done?

Taco Bell could become the first chain of origin to serve alcohol, according to inventor of the nachos, Chuck E. Cheese.

What movie didn't make the mark, despite tons of hype?

[Serious] redditors who got into serious trouble for being blamed for something you didn't do, how did you handle it?

You have 30

How do you think a war on drugs would be fought?

You’re 13 years old, find a *random* object to *stick* in your ass, but it has to be the *biggest*, hardest, *stretching* object that you have ever used. What is it?

What have you picked up on that even non-specialists could pick up on?