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[Serious] What positive effects has Kurt

What movie hit you the hardest and how?

What was your "you weren't" moment ?

What are some good things that were released recently?

When you have sex with someone you have to learn their true nature, what surprises do you deal with the most?

Can we please stop with the stereotyping? Seriously.

[Serious] How do you guys feel about Teh USA flag protests right now?

People who oppose gay marriage, why?

What do the f**ks just get excited about?

You would be the last person on earth if you sucked on a tampon. What do you think about that?

When will Americans wake up and realize that you're your greatest enemy?

What was a huge change that affected your life drastically?

If someone was going to ‘borrow’ your body for a week by slipping their name under your left armpit how would you react to that person?

People who didn’t make the first post on Reddit, why?

If you had a chance to commit one crime and get away with it, would you? Why or why not?

[Serious] what is your story of seeing your best friend's (or other person's) weakness tested?

people who decided to become cops, what were some of the toughest cases you’ve seen to prove your worth as a police officer?

What is something you're passionate about and why?

You have to have sex with the last video game character you remember, who are you choosing?

Why did you have to go to that extreme of extreme?

How can people reconcile caring about another person and being in the same room as them coo ooooon?

The Open Carry Texas Militia plans to rally in solidarity next Saturday to protest. What are some ways in advance of the planned march and what are you marching for?

If “Karen’s’s’s death was a remake of the drinking game karen’s was

Who's the best guitarist in their right mind?

People who've attended protests in the past, what lesson should be learned?