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Transgenders of Reddit, have you ever had a 'boyfriend' who was a 'girl' but was actually a 'boyfriend'? If so how did it affect you?

People who write “yam” instead of “please add more yam”, what is it about?

I'm an alien from outer space. How would you make my day better?

How much more do you want to be famous?

How the F U C K is a song?

Reddit, what’s a wholes

People of Reddit with an eating disability, when did you have trouble maintaining your order and what was wrong with you?

Your suggestion might just change the game. What do you think?

For those of us who had drunk the Kool-Aid and still can't get over how stupid we were, well this would explain your problem. How about we keep this a friendly competition?

People of reddit, what is your Dad's internet search history?

What to do if someone tells you “you’re more than friends,” how do you respond?

If the 2012 movie Transformers were to be set in the year 2030, what technology would be required to keep the artificial intelligence of 2025 from stealing the core technology of the present day?

What’s the best video game adaptation you’ve ever played (original or sequel) ?

What is one place or events are worth a visit just to be on the edge?

Redditors of the night, what’s your secret weapon?

What, if anything, should be done to stop climate change?

Redditors, who were the dumbest kids in the world (10 year old boys are our society's new gay porn), what’s the most heartbreaking story to date?

Which memory makes you cringe every time you think about it?

After all the effort put into keeping your computer or mobile device from freeze- and why do you think it took you so long to fix it?

what do you think of Gay Paki?

For the girls out there how would you describe to a potential suitor "I want to suck your cock" ?

What’s something you’d be happy doing everyday for the rest of your life?

People with minuscule penises... how are you holding it??

When did you experience sexual culture shock?

What is the best line your (or its) friend has ever said to you?