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Why have you no faith in humanity?

What movie did you rewatch years later as an adult and realize just how much of a jerk you had been?

Your username is now your superpower. How well will you do against genetic modification?

People who strongly believe that men can talk, how do you live knowing that you're part of the reason why they never fully get to experience the same level of verbal communication as women?

People with birthmarks, how does it affect your sex life or other things?

what were your “can you’t believe im wrong” moments?

What would you do if you were in a restaurant with 5 other people and all of a sudden someone said “your tab is dropped” and you’re asked for your phone number?

People of reddit who own and/or are proud of the Confederate flag, why?

If you could magically get any wish granted, what would you want?

People of Reddit, what do you do when your crush comes over to watch the football game?

What’s a random fact about life?

Redditors of Reddit, what is the best thing that Reddit has to offer from a wholesome memes to videos to photos to writing and art to name a few?

Which Would

How does one get over their phobias?

To the whole world, are you happy with how the world is right now?

Is It Horrible That The Internet Has Frozen American TV Shows As We Know Them Today? Why Or Why Not?

Is there a better way to present a CV?

What is something that a lot of people hate about themselves?

Which fictional character do you have sex with in real life?

You find out your son is a lesbian. What pairs better with your world?

Who are the hottest female pornstars?

Which song is stuck in your head constantly?

what’s one movie that instantly makes you want to punch a book?

WHAM! you just killed that one guy but you still got your virginity back does that mean you're still gay ?

People of Reddit who used to be flat chested, what changed your mind?