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Dear Generation Z, what has been the greatest decision that you made as a kid?

Guys that met up with their cam girl, how old were you and what was it like?

Do you think your favourite film was really good and if so why?

People who want to give Donald Trump a run for his money, how would you do it?

People who enjoy anal on reddit, do you prefer it messy or neat? Why?

Hey reddit, what is the most useful NSFW tip you know?

How would you feel about a ban of “how are you today” questions on the AskReddit site?

Ex-racists, what was the final straw?

To all the moms out there are you feeling "murdered"? What’s going

How would reddit feel about a law that requires all officers to pass an imminently exploitative sex offender screening process?

Redditors of Reddit, if you could magically get one thing back for your Christmas (and what else would you get)?) What would it be?

What do you think your Twitter handle is supposed to be?

The media have a history of objectifying women. Forgive me for thinking that way. What objectified (in a bad way) could be next?

What is your opinion on the cringiest thing you have ever done to someone?

People who don't use google as their primary search engine, what are some awesome search engines you use?

When you go to the mall and the cashier gives you the option to buy a $1 bill in quarters or pennies, why do you pay full price?

What are you thinking about on the outside?

Why are you watching this video?

A comparison between a male masturbation and a female orgasm has been made. Which one is better?

What do you think would happen to the USA if every adult switched to using Intel computers?

In The Boss Movie, the Boss meets a famous person, but the Boss doesn't know the name of the person. What is the name of the person?

What’s your favourite Pixar movie?

What is something you built yourself?

When was the last time you cried so hard?

People who voted for Trump in 2016 but won't vote for him in November. What made you change your mind?