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People who had more than one sexual experience in their lifetimes, what was it like? Did you survive?

Redditors of Reddit, if every country rallied all their native animals together into an army and they were all put against each other, who would win and why why?

What is something important someone did that you just don't understand?

What is one thing you wish you had as a kid?

Redditors who use MS edge over google, what's one thing you don't understand about the system yet?

How do you feel about a law stating that all police officers must have a college degree?

[serious] what are

What will the men of reddit do when exposed that they are a bunch of cowards and stupid?

What did a particularly lolicon do that stuck with you?

What is the best way to deal with librarians and bookies?

Parents of Reddit, have you ever regretted it when you saw your own kid get bullied?

What is a valid concern that most people have but no one addresses?

To all the Trump voters who aren’t voting for him: what made you vote for him in the first place?

If the world was absolutely ending, and we all had only one human to help us, what would you do?

What's a simple, cheap, or allergy-free snack you enjoy?

What do you think about this?

[Serious] why do some guys post stupid shit on 4chan?

What are some of the weirdest anime-like situations you’ve ever had?

Are we missing some games from the history books?

How do you think about Trump bashing?

People of Reddit, why do you like and not comment on AskReddit questions?

What's the biggest fuck-up you've ever made while writing a thank you note?

Nsfw, but still fun. What's the creepiest/strange thing you've ever seen someone do?

I work at a game development company making a video game with one coworker. One of the problems we have is making games with limited resources. How would you guys solve that problem?

What question is too personal for an everyday use?