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Kids these days are like teenagers. You can change anything about the way you look, talk, act, etc. without any consequence. What changed when you were a kid?


It's hard to get excited about a game when the protagonist is so clearly terrible at everything he does?

In what way does his shooting of an unarmed black man in cold blood by police make sense?

English [ edit ]

Republicans who will not be voting for Trump in November: What are your reasons?

How much of a dick is James Bond if he can fly cars and an ex milf that can be sssssed at anytime?

What movie would be better than it’s title if it had a different name?

What is something you’re fine with in moderation?

If you could pick 2 video games only ever played on one platform, what would they be?

Can you please make this a default reddit post?

Does anyone else feel the Bern? Fingers are pointing in the opposite direction ... why are you feeling so optimistic about the future?

What is ______ supposed to be about?

Redditors who have a problem with MS Paint, how do you think it will affect the way you paint in the future?

What do you think about Trump as a whole?

Racist trolls of Reddit, why do you post under these anonymous accounts?

You are a Taxman, but instead of

Which show did you always love?

People who hate it when you log on to reddit. Why?

What was your happiest moment in life?

What would you call a clone version of yourself that does the science experiment, but with the exact same personality?

What is your favorite random fact you know?

What is one quality in a person that makes them very likable

What are you ashamed of?

What's a simple yet profound TV/movies trope that you just don't get?