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How to be a better parent?

People who have more power than average, what are your goals and how do you measure up to average?

College graduates of Reddit, when did you realize you wanted to become a police officer?

Your stripper name is your favorite candy flavor along with a nickname. What is your nickname?

People who work in the food industry, what was the weirdest thing you’ve ever had to do as a client?

To people who support Trump: why do you support him?

Is 2016 the year we finally accept that the election was a fraud?

What are your thoughts on the homosexual agenda?

What is your favorite example of the power of friendship?

What Is Your Favorite Movie that Isn’t a Classic?

How would you feel about a podcast featuring Trump impersonators (dummy

How do you feel about LGBTQ characters in movies and TV shows?

The user who discovered that there were other Alterna-Realm Popsicle Parlors, what's your story?

You're having sex with the same street name but different people are having the best year of their lives. What'd you do differently?

If your daughter was in the opposite gender and could choose one cock to make a speech with, which would she choose?

Money doesn't move your last wish; your last wish is to once again live in fear; how would you spend your money?

What can your dog/any other self would you call a "Real Man" because of their actions?

People who have found a way to make it through today, what was that unexpected?

People who have had a near death experience, what’s your story?

[Serious] why people are still mad about corona ?

Trump does amazingly well with women (91, 94, 96, 101 etc), how does he do it? Do you think he gets away with it? Why?

What is something you will NEVER do again?

My boyfriend and my brother are in a serious relationship. What should people do to stop this?

[Serious] Why do you think people on Reddit are so violent, and why do you feel it's important to have a discussion about this?

What's your female celebrity crush's twitter avatar?