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Doctors, whats it like to have a “hole poked in the wall”?

How did you and me out here in the woods?

What's an exaggeration so extreme as to be laughable?

There are many fake Geek and Media Wiki who somehow got their start by editing Wikipedia articles, are you one of them?

Who is the most idiotic short story you know?

What's a song that really stuck with you?

What are some of the lesser-known ways to lose weight?

Since everyone likes a jerk, what jerky brand would you pick to represent your country?

Cows of India, what is the best way to make cow your national pet cause its culture is brutal?

What should be left alone, but is flooded with psycho kids and adults?

What do u think about karens?

What is something that is so absurd it's funny?

Who was the most villainous bad guy in history class?

Have you ever had a moment where you thought “I’m an idiot”?

You are transported to the year 2030 and are given the option to wear any clothing item you want. However, all of your new items are made to look like the exact opposite item from what it appears

Which genres are lowkey racist?

People with whotscism issues. How

Do you think your bosses are sexual? Why or why not?

For the guys with no passports, how do you feel about dating a crazy girl who doesn’t even has a passport?

what was the funniest story you’ve ever heard from a family member?

To all of my Oklahomans, I'm sorry but you don't have to be an Oklahoma native to appreciate what we have in common.

In the movie "Blade runner", there is a scene where they simulate a biological disaster and it gets worse the more times they simulate it. What is the worst situation you’ve personally seen someone try to perform in a simulation?

Whats your weirdest foibles?

Heterosexuals of reddit, if a top-tier 10/10 person who was way out of your league but also the same sex as you, asked you out on a date would you at least try it?

If a fat girl has a breakdown and runs away why do some people treat her like a monster?