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What happened at the Bernie Sanders' Town Hall that got canceled ?

People who identify as the opposite sex, what else do you do to make your life a misery?

Gamers of Reddit: how does it feel to be one of the biggest haters in the history of mankind?

What are some relatively easy to understand marketing messages that we can all take advantage of?

What is one thing you do that has a ripple effect beyond your workplace?

Redditors who grew up with old parents, how did they react to your childhood?

You're a tax evader, living on the street, dodging taxes, fighting against a monster (what this monster is unknown), and hoping that one day you make it out alive. What do you do?

Those of you that don’t support Trump: why?

I'm an Atheist and a Pothead. Potheads are my friends.

Who is the most beautiful person you've ever seen but has since changed your opinion?

Civil engineers of reddit, have you ever considered building a "Black Holes" to space, so that Earth can receive regular space weather warnings and nothing but pleasantries?

What were your "Holy Sm

Is America going authoritarian? If so what’s going to happen to liberty?

Reddit, what are some super nerdy things to consider when shopping for a girlfriend?

What was the best book you've ever read?

How would r/atheism look

What’s the best way to be sure that you have the best friend?

Are you fat? If so what are some healthy ways to lose some weight?

what was the best drink ever ?

Whats an essential to life skill everyone should learn?

Are you sick of gay marriage

Now that two-thirds of the U.S. has voted for Trump, how do you feel about his latest petty offense?

What are some good subreddits you are part of?

Guys who treat women with respect, what is that like?

If all movies had a canon, how would most of them feel about having a tattooed name?