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What was the best time to tell your grandma that you love her?

The zombies are back! And they're back fiercer than ever

People who spit on the sidewalk: why?

Reddit, what is the biggest mistake that you are glad you made and how can we all learn from it

Ex-reminders of Reddit, what was the most cringe or interesting detail from your past recall?

What's the best response to "I'm an idiot"?

People who had more than one sex toy, which one do you think was your proudest?

Rioters of Reddit, what is your side job and how did you guys survive?

What do you think of the Gay Pride flag

His start to the campaign was not what everyone expected. How has Donald Trump transformed his life and career since then?

People who were depressed kids, what now?

Who is the most toxic person you have worked with and how did you deal with them?

White people of Reddit, since it is the dawn of the 21st century what do

What would you do if you found out someone was an alien and they were mad at you for being an alien?

People who are allergic to pain killers such as hydrocodone and other prescription pain relievers, how do you manage chronic pain effectively?

Girls who played as Jack on Manhattan: The Lost Era, how was that experience?

What is a quality you are great at and what is the most terrifying thing about it?

What old movies would be remade right now?

Pepole of Reddit, do you support unification of Puerto Rico, why/why not?

What 2 items would instantly become 5 star meals for your family?

[Serious] Would you support a third world war on drugs? Why or why not?

How can we convince someone that wearing a skull on one's body is a religious practice?

Now that cop

Easily Launch YouTube Vids from a Computer with the Key You Have

People who tell others to "stick a fork in the potatoes" why do you do it? Is it in self-defense?