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If you could magically put one product on the shelves that everyone would want, what would it be?

Does anyone else feel like there is more to this season of Community than just Dan Harmon's sporadic contributions?

What's the best bottle of cheap wine you've ever had?

When did it become acceptable to post/comment with grammatical errors?

Redditors with anger issues, what is your reasoning?

Does milk ever become a food? If so how would you make it so that the twin does not experience the same thing as the other but still wants to enjoy it

People who masturbate and guys who don't, why?

If your life was a musical, what would be the basic structure of a typical song?

Redditors who are completely insular, what is it like?

A little something extra for your birthday, what is it?

Why do people hate on Apple?

Flat Earthers, what flat earth theory is the best explanation for the earth as we know it?

If you could have anything in the world right now to comfort someone in need, what would it be?

The clock is ticking down to Jan. 20, 2021. How would you like to be left alone for 5 minutes?

What are some things that made you question your life choices?

[SERIOUS] What would be a good (not sexual) way to deal with a narcissist?

What do you think is the best way to deal with toxic people?

What's your favorite "villainous" moment from the Harry Potter series?

I'm the reason a girl dies, what should i do?

What's your favorite period or culture?

What's an awesome new app you think everyone should try?

Reincarnate as a different animal, swim in a barrel of strange things, and be eaten by a shark?

You're an archaeologist. You go to a remote location for a week and you are allowed 3 items per day. What are you taking?

Guys, if it was socially accepted now for girls to

[Serious] People who are no longer suicidal, what changed your mind?