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What is your opinion on now?

How do you think about Trump?

What movie property would an adaptation of the best-selling novel from the 80's by James Patterson become?

If God created a clone version of himself, would you be scared of that clone version and why?

Are you guys going to the movies or just going out drinking? If so where are you going?

What’s a good name that isn't a brand name?

What can you say while camping that someone from 20 years ago would have laughed off as completely normal?

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HOLY SH!T!!!!!!!!

What are the downsides of weed that people should probably try anyway?

To the people that say "Make America Great Again!" when confronted with photographs of monuments to American history, why do you have a problem with "Bless America"?

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What are your top 5 favorite Hentai?

People who have actually been secretly

People who lost their minds in "Jerky," how did you lose them?

People with penises, how different is it than

Sometimes its better to be safe than sorry. Sometimes its better to be old than new. How do you find your balance?

[Serious] Which one do you prefer?

Redditors with cat envy issues, what was your first encounter like?

People who were killed in self-defense, how was your day?

Hey reddit, what was your last online whim?

What are you genuinely good at, but would take any job if you could?

[Serious] When did someone in your life who didn't seem to be in the best of health do something that made you care about them a lot?

Men of Reddit, what would you do if you magically got a penis?

You're 11 years old, find out your sister and brother are impotent, and are therefore the parents of your dreams. Do you continue to stalk them, why or why not?