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Has America gone too far with the Greg Gumbel special and why or why not

The name of a dish is now the name of a video game. What is the name?

As a non smoker, what other ways in to harm yourself than with a regular cigarette?

Now that you guys have left, what would you like to see as the tag team team name for Wrestlemania?

[Serious] would you date a woman with a history of incest?

You are suddenly 12 years old again and can switch bodies at any time with no consequences. Just like in real life how do you change bodies for school, work, etc?

People who lost their virginity after the age of 35, what surprised you most about the experience?

If you could pick any videogame for your 1737 day challenge, which game would you pick and why?

What are the cry baby reviews that leftists don't give a fuck about?

What was the most amazing thing about life growing up?

what was the best way/place to come out as to who you really are without feeling like a weirdo?

People of Reddit, what is the most useless thing you ever did?

What stupid questions do you still ask on AskReddit?

If you had the ability to instantly give any person an orgasm, regardless of their age, height, gender, race, ethnicity, religion, culture or mental capacity, what would you choose?

Using the actual photos of someone else's dead body, how do you create the fake identity and pose as the deceased person?

Nurses of reddit - what was the wierdest thing a patient has ever done in a ward?

What are the most unique (and/or scary) locations in your country?

People who never vote, why?

[Serious] Do you think a statue of George Washington should be erected in Alexandria, Virginia? If so, why?

What's the one meal you're obsessed with?

Our pastebin has been turned into a movie, and now you have to watch it with us. How will we react?

Tell us about your most horrifying nightmare and we'll do the rest. Do you have any other stories to share?

Tethered off-grid home ownership is much cheaper than buying a house, is more environmentally friendly, and requires little maintenance?

What is the best selling non-fiction book you have ever read?

When is the right time to tell a crying infant to "shut the fuck up"?