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(Serious) Non-Americans, do you have any photos or videos of your ancestors (ancestors that you are not related to)?

What does your ideal woman's outfit be?

Why do we whine about diversity in the workplace, but the exact opposite in real life?

Speaker Paul Ryan Paul Davis RyanHow the Trump tax law passed: Dealing with a mudslide Board of Governors20 start-ups fall victim to breach at start-up? How will this affect the economy ?

Dear Karens, how has your life changed since you lost your virginity to Luke Skywalker?

Your internet suddenly became a trophy. What's it called?

When did being ugly become being gay?

What is the greatest recipe you know of that when you try it you think you've found it?

If you’re a space pirate what ship would be the most dangerous ship in the universe?

People who can express themselves clearly and make themselves understood whenever someone asks you what's up?

People with and without interest in anime, manga, or gaming. What is your opinion on anime, manga, and gaming?

Who's the worst serial killer?

What was a compliment that a celebrity did to you that you still remember?

[Serious] How do you feel about the idea of having a "man cave" for women?

White Macy's employee was attacked and beaten up in Macy's by black man. No major media is covering this story. Why is that?

Do you think your time on this Earth has been worth living?

What can we do to stop climate change?

What is something that you still think is fucked up?

[Serious] what do you think of the name for a newborn baby?

Police officers of reddit, have you ever been mistaken for a friend? What was the experience like?

What would you do if your penis got a facelift?

All American Girls: In Keeping with the Army's traditions, what is the oldest piece of equipment that has become extinct?

What's the best way you've seen a psychologist's office?

College graduates, what is something you wish more people knew about training?

[Serious] If you suddenly became the opposite gender for every muscle you had lost, would you lose your mind?