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what's the coolest subreddit?

Fats can cause permanent damage to your health. How do you prepare for that?

Who are the cool kids?

What's the most under appreciated great American novel of all time?

What is a feeling that is so hot, you want to have it for a sex tape?

The setting is super cute, but what are some super simple but incredibly effective ways to make yourself miserable?

What is the most interesting non-sexual thing a person has ever done for you?

People who knew well-known Youtubers/Influencers before they got popular, how much are they friends with you?

I find the concept of a cuddle state to be idiotic. You have to travel long distances to find someone to cuddle with, and there is little or no communication?

When is the right time to tell a forest animal to lay down.

What are some funny internet phobias out there?

(NSFW) What do you think of Dear Abby?

In 2020, Jon Stewart plays a politician who says that he is the next Jon Stewart. What is his stupid joke?

[serious] why do you comment but not upvote?

[Serious] why are you not famous?

How would you feel about a mandatory driving exam for old people every 5 years?

What were the funniest swear words you ever heard?

What's a thing that has a high chance of making a huge

You're having sex and the last thing you remembered is a white supremacist website with a bunch of Nazi imagery. What's the most magical thing you've ever seen?

People that claim to be super nerdy but actually know very little, how do you do it?

What celebrity would you have sex with in public right now?

What do you think about smilies?

What is the greatest "villainy" of all time?

What is the best "whopper" backstory you can come up with?

Daughters of reddit , would you date an older brother or an older sis? What is your opinion on the relationship between brothers and sisters?