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What would you do if your mouth got upgraded to play host?

Can I ask a question for "Bart the Computer Kid"?

People who have pooped on a restaurant napkin but then went back to work later to finish what you pooped on, why?

No swearing. No Gender-Stereotyped Character Development. No Taking the Sensual Sense Motive into Account. Just Out Loud. What's your favourite rule?

Non American whats their government run like?

What’s your opinion on the name "Trivium"?


The game "Dead Rising" is the latest installment in the "Dead Rising" series. What are some of the other games in the series?

You are now the manager of gay porn, what is the first thing you do?

You become the opposite gender version of a different celebrity/character. How different will things be?

@LurkersAreThereAny’s/@WhatsMyFavouriteLurkers why? — whats your favourite?

Swap a word from the last thing you heard and see what happens. What is it?

If you could magically get any job done in the morning, what would you do first?

What can we do to stop the haters from dominating social media feeds and discouraging people from voting?

What is the difference between a jerk and a dictator?

People who actually

Which religion would you want to bend the most to please your every desire?

What is the best/most useful gadget you have ever used?

Guys, what female character does a guy have to constantly defend?

People of Reddit who have an allergy to MSG. What evidence/source have you read to support this claim?

Cats have feelings too?

What is a small thing that helps your mood?

Can we

What was the best moment you've ever had with a cop?

How does one go about choosing a gender?