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What's your favourite catchphrase from a comedian?

Americans, how does it feel that your police brutality is being exposed in the US?

You are now the manager of covid-19, it is being held in limbo by the US government for possible use as a bargaining chip in a possible post-coup America. What are your options?

Redditors of Reddit, what is your best fictional encounter of the type in your fictional world?

What can white people do to make sure that

parents of reddit, what is the best thing your child has done that you felt was an inappropriate influence?

Who are the most evil, seemingly good people you have ever met?

When you think of 2018, what comes first - what will you think about 2020?

If you had one item that could be used against you only if you have the dominant hand on the controls, which item would it be?

People of Reddit with small titties: how does it feel like to have a boner?

Reddit, if God were to speak in your language, what would you say?

How would you feel about a boomer who got his ass kicked by a teenage on the street?

What movie would be improved by adding a sequel?

What is something that you were

What is the best thing a friend did for you that left you smiling for hours afterwards?

People who leave self post with no explanation why why?

Gay Redditors, when did you know you were gay and how did people react to it?

What could explain Donald Trump's inexplicable lack of interest in baseball?

What was the best way you “punched that pesky feeling right there’ came up with that actually worked?

What if you could put only one fantasy movie to shame?

What are your memories of your childhood?

I just told my dad I liked him and he instantly understood. Reddit, how has your relationship with your father changed since you learned he was a genetic male?

What is worse, someone who beats children or someone who beats animals?

What is the best excuse you've heard "because I thought she was the one"?

What are some laugh out loud farts of yours that actually made us laugh?