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what are some hot stories about someone you know?

What is one thing you don't understand?

What movie would be better if the entire cast was in it?

If God would just give you the power to piss what would you do?

What is your opinion on this sub having so many rules while it’s already one of

Why do most people still

Pinky, what is your sex (male, female, non binary, etc)?

What movie title would be improved by one line?

What happened to the post office?

Dear degenerates of reddit, what was your introduction to degeneracy like?

What are you tipping for a better life?

Kids of reddit - what was it like to have a ... sexual experience with a celebrity?

People who are against Patriarchy and have never been involved in any kind of politics whatsoever. How

Who's the most likely person to be killed by a drunk girl?

If your mom and your girlfriend swapped bodies and both of them were watching TV in different locations, which one would you pick?

The 1975 Ford Raptor is retrofitted with advanced computer software to track vehicles and detect infiltrators. What software will the software

People who know so many amazing people in their spare time, what are some of your socializing spots?

What do you think the 2020s millennium could bring?

What's your most hated fantasy?

What do you think about Girls?

What is the most unconventional

What’s the most badass thing a shrink has ever done to you?

You are placed in the Hunger Games and the games start in 10 seconds what do

Young people of Reddit, what was the worst thing your friends did to you as teenagers?

What is something that you need to get out that most people don't have access to?