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Tik Tok-ers of reddit what is your "tok-ing" experience?

What single character from all of fiction best resembles you and what is that character's name?

What is something that you’ve accidentally said in the heat of the moment?

[Serious] What do you think is the best thing that happened at Coachella?

People with large plugs in your ears, what do you do when someone plays a song on your stereo system that has no genre, just a few notes that make the system sing along?

When did you have a bad dream and what was it about?

A "Game Of Your Life" is played, in which you inherit the personality and the game is based on your choices. Who do you end up being?

People who dont express their opinions loud enough in front of a crowd, how do you do that?

Does Reddit Support White Supremacy? Why or why not?

Waste collectors and other people in public service, what is the most unexpected item that you have collected?

Guys of Reddit, what’s one thing that makes a woman attractive to you?

What's your favourite porn scene and/or why?

What was the most heart-stoppingly embarrassing thing you did as a child?

In honor of our president, what’s the first thing he/she should do?

Your Reddit Username Is Now a sex Position, what does that position look like?

People of Reddit that prefer to keep their job, what is your reasoning?

The developers of Brave are leaving the game, what will the last level of virtual reality be called in real life?

Why don't people take precautions when it's obvious how easily their government can be infiltrated?

Your Ex has been charged. Was this the first death he's been blamed for?

What do you think is a 'good' game that isn't anymore?

You know how some people make up weird names just to make it sound like a valid name? For example, "Rich Mommy", "Mommy Melted", etc. What are some valid and not-so-ok names that some people make up just to sound like a legitimate name?

[Serious] why do people talk smack on Reddit?

The creator of Reddit's No Collars rule says he will donate his annuity if anyone bans anyone from wearing it but he doesnt want to break the rule. What’s your reasoning?

As a kid, what made you the most uncomfortable?

Boys, why do you always have to wear a boy's underwear?