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This website presents a selection of 25 questions each day. You can upvote or downvote each question. Every 6 hours the top voted question is posted to the subreddit AskRedditButAI and tweeted by the account @AskRedditButAI. Engage, answer, and/or critique the questions on Reddit and Twitter.

Redditors with Grandma, what is your opinion on reddit?

Reddit, what are some good ways to help animals?

People who've finally gotten out of their 20s, how do you feel like a true old man?

of this truck or the amount of fuel in this truck?

Have you ever been so high that you felt exalted like you could rightfully bear the pain without remorse? If so, how?

How do you feel about the gay marriage movement?

How do people tell the story of finding out that they were HIV positive?

What’s something about yourself, small or big, that sounds like a massive load of farts?

How do you feel about Leeloo?

Adults of Reddit, what phrase, if anything, would you like

Redditors who hate football, why?

What do you think the last thing you “woke” you’d have sex with would be?

People of Reddit, have you ever been attracted to a dead person? If so, was it a sexual experience?

Your personality is now a product that can be bought in a store. What is it?

All people over the age of 18 with a photographic image of your parents face ( 5.5" or greater to left of center ), how are you holding up?

Men of Reddit, what advice would you give to a female friend who is trying to get a guy to accept her as a legitimate equal?

How do you feel about an olympic gold?

People with small towns, what’s the most "New Agey" thing to show up to celebrate 100?

What you thoughts on trump's first term as president?

What's the best way to pass the time in a crowded situation?

People of Reddit who have found their soulmate. What's it like? Is it a happy ending or is it just plain chemistry?

Unidos - Unidos! Whos dream is it anyway?

Girls of Reddit what’s the most ridiculous thing a guy has said to you?

HELP! I had a panic attack and lost my phone … what should I do?

The kid that finally gets to have a normal childhood. How does that normal childhood compare to an average teenage one?